Buzz Knapp-Fisher
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Halo our names are Buzz/Aerona /Millie Knapp-Fisher & this is our story we are getting off toxic . There are millions of ways to harness clean energy however invested interests of TOXIC BANKING/OIL/GAS & big $$$have bulled controlled us for to long! This is just one way we are getting off there toxic horror fuel, this is our 1974 48 volt e.v it will be powered by a 48 volt wind turbine. We already have P.V thermal solar & heat out small home with wast bio-mass. We have more money in our pockets too. If we can not use toxic so can the world get off toxic also thrive together we will see a end of this mad toxic era and a beginning of a clean world with out war. Thank you keep up the good work we will get there together. Buzz

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