John Dodd
John Dodd campaign leader

I am an East Texas native and call Kilgore my home.

After twenty-eight seasons with TSF, I continue to believe that the Festival has the power to improve the quality of life in East Texas. I am awed by the exceptionally talented theatre artists that have called TSF home. Am amazed by the unbelievably supportive community, the unwavering commitment of Kilgore College, and the giving and gracious friends of the Texas Shakespeare Festival Foundation and Guild.

I am proud of my association with an organization that continues to enrich the cultural identity of the East Texas community, and I am thankful to be working with such intelligent, talented, kind and giving people as Meaghan Sullivan, Matthew Simpson, Jason Richards, and Raymond Caldwell.

I believe it is important to support TSF and its work. I hope you do too!

John Dodd
TSF, Managing Director

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