Barry Sheridan
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There are a few reasons why I support this campaign. Firstly, I have grandchildren, and I'd like to see them grow up in a cleaner world. Secondly, I think that it's insane to want to mine and utilize resources at the current rate. There are future generations to consider. Thirdly, I think that economics should not be the prime motivator, in any situation. Fourthly, energy is currently being wasted, fuelling the war machine globally. I believe that war should only be an option, if waged to free the oppressed, and should not be used, to steal resources. Fifthly, I believe that more emphasis should be placed on renewable energy sources, and the conservation of energy. Lastly, I believe that far too much energy is wasted, in the manufacture of useless STUFF, which is polluting our earth, and has to be subsequently dealt with, all in the name of economics and growth. These are a few of the reasons for my decision to support this cause, but by no means, the only reasons.

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