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I DO NOT DO CAMPAIGNS - THIS RESERVE IS A LAST, A TRUE LAST OF ITS KIND, FOREVER - Most of you have traveled wide and far, this is like a view of the best places in the WORLD, ALL in ONE, 'ook met Gorillas, nogal'. One of a view last, less than a hand full 'spots', on the planet where mankind have not destroy the natural habitat of these extra ordinary peaceful creatures.

This is not about Gorillas, per se, this is "True Nature, In BULK" being destroyed by mankind, 'us' for what we call, the 'prosperity' of mankind/civilization.

The most majestic mountains, large lash forests, the most beautiful fast flowing rivers (crystal like water) and massive year round glaciers - all in ONE park.
The record of mankind on this planet is disgusting, to say the least - please support the preservation of a Real 'Nature Reserve!!'

(Man brought great advantages via science and incredible smart technology to the world - sad that our 'natural greed' turned out to be, horrible selfish & destroying.)

To top it all, the peaceful nature of the locals, (not nearly as 'dynamic' as any of the worlds leading nations, but not large scale pelutars &/or destroyers), the dominant reason why the Gorillas are left preserved to flourish undisturbed, need to be respected - do we have their permission not to? Totally unaffected by the 'greed' of the typical westerner, these people has not been spoiled by, e.g chasing after 'horrible pretty little things like diamonds/gold' - or fossil fuel, etc., they just want to keep on living in this amazing healthy ecological reserve.


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