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Draft Letter

To all supporters and those who have added there names we have gained 300 signatures in the last two weeks, keep up the work.  From Imam Jamil (H. Rap Brown) who turned 70 this month he acknowledges your efforts and sends his salaams.  Some of you have asked for a generalized letter that all can sign on.  I do have one and will upload it this month In-Sha-Allah  look out for it. We are now at 1900 signatures on a quest towards 10 thousand.  There is no vanguard we are the new and only voice as circumstances have kept many away from the Imams cause, either by fear, or not wanting to align themselves as to lose the government handouts they receive.  The Imam call to action has always been "In peace strong, In battle strongest".  Let's bring our brother home!!!!!!

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