Agency for Animal Welfare Ltd

Milo was abandoned at age 2, emaciated with severely matted, urine-stained fur through neglect. This was the result of an impulsive "cute puppy buy" by a professional couple who did not have time to care for him when he was no longer small & cute and gave up caring for his feeding and hygiene needs. By chance, Milo found a home through adoption after he was rescued. But because he was already homed in a HDB flat, his pet-keeper could not help another abused, Pasir Ris dogmill deaf (through breeder abuse) schnauzer, CityHall, due to the 1-dog policy. CityHall, the deaf schnauzer, is still under fostercare because either no Singaporean wants him with his impairment or those who want him but cannot, because of the 1-dog policy (as Singaporeans are law-abiding citizens).

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