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Check It Out: New Think Progress article about All* Above All!

Think Progress posted a great profile about the All* Above All campaign and our vision for change:

Meet The Activists Fighting To Restore Low-Income Women’s Access To Affordable Abortion
"The All*Above All campaign is launching a series of grassroots and online campaigns that focus on repealing the Hyde Amendment. “The name All*Above All reflects our positive and powerful belief that each of us, not just some of us, must be able to make the important decision of whether to end a pregnancy,” the campaign explains on its website. “For too long, politicians have been allowed to deny a woman’s abortion coverage just because she is poor. We are standing up to say ‘enough.’ ”The new initiative is working in partnership with the National Network of Abortion Funds, a nonprofit organization that helps low-income women raise the money for abortion procedures they would not otherwise be able to afford. About 20 additional reproductive justice organizations have also signed on to support All *Above All’s efforts."  (see the full article here).

Photo: Supporters of repealing the Hyde Amendment and restoring low-income women’s abortion coverage. CREDIT: COURTESY OF ALL*ABOVE ALL

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