Dalton Boehm
Dalton Boehm campaign leader

There are many matters in this campaign to sum it up its to escape their underlying evil in society. I list some but Some matters get so complex that they can't be explained even if they could you wouldn't want to hear it. Societies addiction is the poison we have all been inflicted with, would you take the time to make an ANTIDOTE A LIST STARTS

Deforestation And Habitat Loss,

Are fertilizers good or bad? They are terrible! Fertilizers are bad because apart from leaving residues on the crops, it goes into the local watercourses and pollutes the water as well. Fertilizers are a bad for society. Just because fertilizers initially allow a larger number of crops to grow and be harvested, it does not make up for all the damage they cause.

How does human activity affect the hydrological cycle?

The earth's water supply stays the same ,but humans can alter the cycle.

As population increases, and living standards rise this can increase the demand for water.
This can create an imbalance and change the quality and quantity of the water.
Humans impact the water cycle by polluting the water in rivers, streams, reservoirs etc. So they can impact it less by reducing trash that goes into storm drains.

We are polluting it with harmful chemicals and disgusting substances. Technically we as humans cannot alter the water cycle, however, we can mess it up by dumping waste into the ocean. Perscriptions and other chemicals pass through urine.... What could these chemicals do with our food or plants bodies ???

We dont know! We won't Know! Science is moving to quick to check for the long term effects of any advancement or degradation we will be absorbing it as it happens as nice as the commodities available are what are they really doing remember every action has an = and opposite reaction ,human dependence on plants and animals as we eat them

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