Herman French
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if you believe in yourselves,then you must try and believe in those who continue to suffer for things that they can,t control.child abuse,slavery,domestic violence,animal cruelty.where does it all end!ive been at this for years and most of you know where my heart is.yes i come on line and ask for money,support and help.because without it those i support will never get a leg up.ive raised 94$ so far but that want be enough to make sure that alot of kids i know will eat today.the help i get from most of you goes to kids to make sure that they keep clean clothes to wear; have lunch money for school and something to eat when they are out of school.i know that its not my job,but thats what i do.walk away and not look back or help support the cause by making any donation of your choice and help others in need

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