Hesti Wu
Hesti Wu campaign leader

Hello, My name is Hesti, I'm a 23 years old female who live in Indonesia. I'm a Criminology graduate and I'm planning to continue my study later when I can afford the tuition.

I love to learn, I adore knowledge. Basically I'm a lifelong learner. I attend several free online classes to fulfill my endless curiosity about the universe.

I always care about humanity and one day I read about CODEPINK Drones Summit 2013. I decided to participate their sponsorship program. They required me to submit essay about my opinion regarding the use of drones by U.S. Military, so I wrote all my concerns, Including how U.S. and its allies could set for more bigger hegemonic power over the other countries in the world by using drones alone.

Out of nowhere, I received their e-mail stating that I got accepted to their sponsorship program, however the travel cost from Indonesia to U.S. is not included. They only cover the accommodation during my stay.

Please help me raise funds to purchase return tickets and attend CODEPINK Drones Summit 2013.

Thank you and may we will live in a better world someday :)

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