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Stop Abuse Campaign Briefs Congress on crisis in family courts

Last week we briefed Congress on the crisis in the family and divorce courts of the United States. How our family courts are ensuring that children of divorce have no safe home to grow up in.

We explained why the Netherlands gave an American family, Holly Collins and her three children, asylum as refugees escaping grave danger, rather than return them to the united states.

We shared how children who report abuse by a parent, and the case is in family court, are treated differently from children who report abuse in another context. As citizens children are entitled to due process to ensure their safety. Unequal treatment of child victims is a civil inequality issue over which Congress has authority and jurisdiction.

Lastly we showed them how such inequality leads to child deaths and how Federal funding is inadvertently decreasing safety, as in the case of beltway sniper John Mohammad.

Please ask your friends to sign the petition. Congress is listening to us. This is the time to make change happen.

Please sign the petition here: https://www.causes.com/familycourt

Stay up to date on what's happening at our website, www.stopabusecampaign.org

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Just before Christmas when I was 7 years old, I was torn from my loving mother's arms and handed over kicking and screaming to the father who was abusing my brother and me. My Dad had fractured my brother's skull by repeatedly slamming him into a wall. He had testified in court that he had broken my Mother's nose three times and dislocated her shoulder while my brother and I watched in horror. To…

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Take this pledge and join thousands of others who believe that every child has a right to a safe home to grow up in.  By taking this pledge today you've joined thousands of others who share your passion to stop abuse. Welcome to the Stop Abuse Campaign.  Our children are our future but too many of them are abused by those who should protect them. Join this campaign by taking the pledge to get…

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