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My name is Elizabeth Deckard. I am the founder/CEO of United in Truth and Love (www.unital.org) and I am going to walk every single mile from Bakersfield California to New York City and then take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty is a great symbol of the freedom, diversity, unity and ingenuity of the American people. The stopping point of our journey symbolizes and reestablishes our commitment to the equality of all people and the opportunity of each American Citizen to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; even to those that have been failed by the systems that were created to assure them of this freedom.
The main reason that I am going on this walk is to give back what was given to me when I was homeless two years ago. In 2009 I became sick and could no longer work, as a result I lost everything. Through a series of interesting circumstances I ended up at the Light House in Bartlesville, Oklahoma in 2010. There I was given a place to heal, provided with hearts that cared for me and a given a stepping stone to get my life back on track. My life would not be the same without the Light House.
As we pass through each city we will be going into camps, parks and along the sidewalks and wherever else the homeless are staying and giving them blankets, hygiene supplies and food (Care Packages: http://www.unital.org/care-packages.html).
We will be sending them a message that people care and we are willing to start working as communities and as a nation to improve the lives of homeless.
This walk, entitled “LOVEWALKS”, is to acknowledge the fact and reveal to the public that there are ½ million to ¾ million people who are confirmed as homeless each day; they have no home to call their own, nowhere to lay their head at night. The reason it is named LOVEWALKS is because I have been taught that love looks like something, it is an ACTION not just a word. We are walking because we love our fellow man and want to see a better life for them. My hope is to change the hearts of people toward the homeless and less fortunate; one step/one heart at a time. For more information see www.unital.org/LOVEWALKS. We will be returning home to build and open our own homeless shelter in Bakersfield, California.
I want to thank-you so much for visiting our site. I personally appreciate that you believe in us enough to contribute to our cause and that you will see through our actions, your love in action as well. May you be blessed, prosperous and full of joy!
Please click the pledge button and then go to http://www.unital.org/pledge.html (copy and paste URL to your browser) and complete the pledge form. Thanks :)

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