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His right arm this picture was taken 14 years ago that is a capture of Terrell's right arm, by looking at this picture you notice that his left arm is bigger than his right arm, the reason is, after a tragic accident in a football game, Terrell's arm was injured so bad that the sad diagnoses was his right arm would be paralyzed forever, he can't lift, nor can he move his right arm. At the trial even the Prosecutor told him that he knew he couldn't have done what he is accused of. But he is going to charge him regardless. I want to add that, no person was killed or injured, yet he is serving 2 life sentence plus 45 years for something he did not do, for something he couldn't have done because of his disabilities.


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There is a global epidemic of the wrongful incarceration of the black woman, man and teen/child. Incarcerated for 14 years now I have first hand knowledge of other victims and their story of how they mysteriously became convicted of a crime. What you see on the news isn't the truth of what really happens in our communities just like the word justice doesn't exist in our courts.   Justice means;…

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