Rosa Mertens
Rosa Mertens campaign leader This video has been taken before the crisi in Greece,thesituation is worse;Kosta the vet has lesser work in his practice than before. M..Samaras the old man who homed more than one honderd dogs in his house has no food anymore for the animals,so canibalism is often seen.This man for more than 25 years has been gathering dogs from the Greek roads until he was completely ruined,he turned his beautiful villa into a shelter for any stray that crossed his way. Most of the animals are underfed,need vitamins and should get a therapie for the mites that are everywhere in this environement and on the animals . The most importent is offcourse to neuter the bitches in order to stop having anymore puppies. I gave to Bart the belgian veterinarian an other 500 euro to give to Kosta as he goes to Greece ,in Thessaloniki. I stay in contact with them and all the money goes directly to Kosta until now I gathered 367,50 euro. The main intention of Kosta is to neuter female dogs !


Campaign closed

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