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RAN has an urgent request for you. We’re doubling down on our campaign to protect the last wild orangutans and their rainforest homes from "Conflict Palm Oil." That’s why today we’re releasing this powerful video and giving orangutans the chance to speak for themselves before it’s too late.

Focusing our action together, today, we can start to create the turning point orangutans need so badly.

We have 48 hours to get enough eyes on this video to send a loud and clear message to 20 of the top snack food companies using Conflict Palm Oil. Please take a moment to watch this important video and add your name to our petition

How you can help

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is the world's largest certification system for "sustainable" palm oil, but unfortunately, the RSPO's certification is no guarantee of palm oil produced without deforestation or exploitation. Recently, the UK-based grocery chain Iceland went so far as to institute a complete and total ban on palm oil in all of its products. The reason? The company's…

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Despite being publicly exposed for clearing forests in critical elephant habitat of the Leuser Ecosystem in February, palm oil company PT. ABN has continued to clear forest threatening the survival of a local herd of Sumatran elephants. Where does that palm oil end up?  A RAN field investigation shows that global brands are driving this destruction by sourcing Conflict Palm Oil from the biggest…

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In rainforests half a world away from the United States, orangutans are making their last stand for survival. Scientists warn that these gentle and intelligent animals, among humankind's closest kin, could become extinct within our lifetime if their rainforest homes continue to be destroyed for palm oil plantations. But the primary threat pushing them toward extinction lies much closer to home…

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