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48 hours for orangutans

RAN has an urgent request for you. We’re doubling down on our campaign to protect the last wild orangutans and their rainforest homes from "Conflict Palm Oil." That’s why today we’re releasing this powerful video and giving orangutans the chance to speak for themselves before it’s too late.

Focusing our action together, today, we can start to create the turning point orangutans need so badly.

We have 48 hours to get enough eyes on this video to send a loud and clear message
to 20 of the top snack food companies using Conflict Palm Oil.

Will you stand with the last wild orangutans and share this important video with as many people as you can?

You already know the toll Conflict Palm Oil is having on rainforests and the orangutans that call them home, but do your friends know? It’s time to tell everyone in your network about the problems with Conflict Palm Oil because we need to get a lot louder if we want to see real change. That’s why we teamed up with the creative geniuses at Free Range Studios to make this poignant short film about the impacts of Conflict Palm Oil on orangutans—as seen through the eyes of a little girl.

Our goal is to make it into YouTube’s “Most Viewed” list in the first 48 hours of launching this video.
Here’s the truth: We’ve never tried this before. All we know is that we must break through the “infotainment” chatter in order to nationalize the problem with palm oil, and to send a signal to the companies pushing Conflict Palm Oil into our food while we still have a window to make an impact. There are more than 100,000 of you receiving this call for help, and you each know many, many other people who you can share this with. It feels like the math is on our side, now we just need you.

Will you stand with the last wild orangutans and share this important video with as many people as you can?

Last month, we launched our new campaign, The Last Stand of the Orangutan, going after 20 of the top snack food companies using Conflict Palm Oil. We’ve dubbed them the Snack Food 20, and they include giants like Pepsi, Heinz, Hershey’s, Kraft, Kellogg’s, Mars and Campbell's Soup, companies that control some of America’s most well-known household brands.

You know why we had the audacity to launch a campaign against not one, not two, but 20 major food brands? Because of you. Because every campaign we’ve ever run has started with a belief in the power of this network, a belief in you. And because in this case giant food companies really do care what you think. In fact, they invest millions to reach you, to gain your trust, and to listen in on what you’re saying about them. Now more than ever you have enormous influence. These brands often don’t know where the palm oil they buy comes from or that their customers even care. That’s why we need your help to nationalize the problem with Conflict Palm Oil—and to show the Snack Food 20 that their use of Conflict Palm Oil affects how you feel about their products.

Are you with us for the next 48 hours? Will you watch this incredible video and share it with everyone in your network TODAY so that we can start changing the fate of the last wild orangutans?

Whether it was moving Disney to stop sourcing paper from endangered rainforests or getting Burger King to stop using cattle grazed in the Amazon, we know that the way to pressure and inspire a company to change is by nationalizing controversy over an issue and making sure the company knows that association with that issue is risky for its reputation and bottom line. This video is designed to speak to the customers that the Snack Food 20 care so much about—us—and to help catapult Conflict Palm Oil into the national consciousness in a way that the Snack Food 20 can’t ignore.

Orangutans are among our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. They are amazingly like us in how they learn, play, and care for their young. But unlike us, if their homes are destroyed they cannot move on. We believe the power to save the last orangutans is in your palm.

Please take the time to share this video and help us put an end to Conflict Palm Oil.

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In rainforests half a world away from the United States, orangutans are making their last stand for survival. Scientists warn that these gentle and intelligent animals, among humankind's closest kin, could become extinct within our lifetime if their rainforest homes continue to be destroyed for palm oil plantations. But the primary threat pushing them toward extinction lies much closer to home…

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