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Please take 2 minutes THIS WEEK to help us pass ABLE Act!

Five years ago when Brianna was born I was told she could never have a full-time job or the dignity of earning her own way. That message is a TRAVESTY, and the ABLE Act can close that chapter in our history. We need a few "Rosa Parks" to help us turn the page.
Its as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1) Find your rep http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/
2) Email the disability staffer (see list attached) (if your Rep isn't on here, adopt another one near by)
3) Ask the staffer to support the ABLE Act (HR 647)

It will take less time than it will take to read another great article about a prom king with Down syndrome (even though those are really cool).

We have made amazing progress here in California in the last few weeks, but need a few folks to contact these Reps THIS WEEK to push this across the finish line.
Dist Name Disability Staffers
3 Garamendi, John [email protected]
15 Swalwell, Eric [email protected]
16 Costa, Jim [email protected]
21 Valadao, David [email protected]
10 Denham, Jeff [email protected]
4 McClintock, Tom [email protected]
6 Matsui, Doris O. [email protected]
9 McNerney, Jerry [email protected]
27 Chu, Judy [email protected]
37 Bass, Karen [email protected]
34 Becerra, Xavier [email protected]
30 Sherman, Brad [email protected]
36 Ruiz, Raul [email protected]
33 Waxman, Henry [email protected]
35 Negrete McLeod [email protected]
31 Miller, Gary [email protected]
25 McKeon, Buck [email protected]
32 Napolitano, Grace [email protected]
46 Sanchez, Loretta [email protected]
39 Royce, Ed [email protected]
48 Rohrabacher, Dana [email protected]
45 Campbell, John [email protected]
49 Issa, Darrell [email protected]
50 Hunter, Duncan D. [email protected]

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