Keep the Arts in Public Schools

Kerr-Vance Academy in Henderson, North Carolina wins this year's Elevate the Arts program taking home the top prize of $10,000!

Their philosophy? Glad you asked.

"Art classes help children to develop important life skills. They help children be creative, and learn problem solving, perseverance, non-verbal communication, and dedication, all while having fun. Art lets children express themselves and focus energy in order to develop essential life skills.
"Art does not have to occur just in the art room but can be used to further study in many curriculum topics; and not just in grade school, but higher grades as well."

Columbia Elementary and Conant Elementary, both in Michigan, took home second-place prizes, and ten other schools stretching from coast-to-coast earned third place, each awarded the $2,500 prize.

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Thank you for all your support!

MacEwen, Campaign Leader

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