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Since my `Ohana (Family) has taken on this commitment we have become much more tightly knit...we know what Sacred means...we have seen the damage done to the face of our beloved Mountain. Observatories litter the skyline & still they want to build more this time a 30 meter one!!! Lake Waiau is drying up & this has nothing to do with drought...we have has a lotta snow on the summit of Mauna `O Wakea & there is no logical reason for no snow except that the blasting they have done to put in the foundations & the new roads have caused a shift.
As a child I grew up with a totally different sky line, but over the years that has changed for the sake of "Science..." However, Science is destroying our Mauna...the Scientist disrespect Hawaiian's who have welcomed them here with open arms only to have them spit in our faces & defecate on ALL we hold dear to our hearts...ALL that is Sacred & Holy to us!!!
Today we stand against further construction on our Sacred Mauna!!! There are other mountains on this Earth...there other places...GO THERE!!! GO AWAY!!! HELE AKU!!! LEAVE OUR MAUNA ALONE!!!! You ARE NOT WELCOME ANYMORE!!!! YOU HAVE RAPED & DESECRATED OUR LAND!!! What you have done is brought Hewa (Evil) upon the People of Hawai`i...We Stand Idle NO MORE!!!! HELE AKU (Beat It)!!!!

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