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These are my two loving grandparents, Pappa (L) and Nonna (R) -- Italian for "grandpa" and "grandma" respectively. They spent a good portion of the mid-80s to early 2000s fighting breast cancer, with each being diagnosed not once, but twice. The good news -- they won!

Some believe modern day medicine was to thank. Others, a higher power. But, I believe their unrelenting positivity is what ultimately helped them kick cancer to the curb. No matter how crappy the chemo treatments made them feel, no matter how dire or hopeless the situation seemed, they remained strong. With moral support from each other, friends, and family, they were able to prolong their days.

My Pappa passed away a few years ago, at the age of 78, from natural causes. However, my Nonna is still alive and kicking at the ripe age of 82 and has been cancer-free for over 13 years. That's incredible!

To those with loved ones that have also fallen victim to breast cancer, I'd like to offer the following advice. Spend time with them. Tell them you love them. Rub their bald heads for good luck. Whatever it takes to put a smile on their face, do it. Moral support is what gives others the strength to push through hard times and come out unscathed on the other side.

For those of you currently battling breast cancer, keep on fighting the fight and never give up. You too can kick cancer's ass!



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