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Thanks to our supporters, and our newest petition!

Thanks to all of you who have joined our campaign to end seven NTDs by 2020! Together we can see the end of these debilitating diseases that affect the world's poorest people. Have you seen our latest petition? Make sure you add your name and let the United Nations know that we need to address NTDs in order to defeat poverty!

How you can help

We need your help. President Barack Obama suggested cutting funding for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) by $13.5 million, leaving just $86.5 million for NTD programs. This means millions of people who currently receive NTD treatment may not receive it in 2015. We can't let this happen. Speak out now. Global health is a fraction of one percent of the federal $1.012 trillion budget – and the…

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Will you speak out for the world's poorest people?    500 million children around the world are debilitated every year from neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) like trachoma and river blindness that could have been easily prevented or treated.  Currently, the United Nations does not have a comprehensive plan to address Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).   NTDs are the most common afflictions…

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