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After experiencing the health risks of the UK fast-food culture, I've set myself the goal of becoming a health and nutrition expert by reading credible literature and most importantly personally testing every claim. With the risk of turning into a test lab bunny, I want to advise people about health issues and engage with other health enthusiasts to share our challenges toward healthy living. Better health education and food knowledge is what I believe needed to fight the obesity pandemic in our society. According to the NHS, 63 % of adults in England are overweight or obese which is the highest level over the past decade. In fact, a government’s Foresight report predicts that half of women and 6 in 10 men will be obese by 2050.

However, amongst this reality one thing really struck me: how can our diet and lifestyle be to blame when we are so health conscious and the medicine is so advanced? With the mass of celebrity diets, health gurus, magazines and wonder foods, surely we should be brimming with health right now!?

The cure is not only in personal lifestyle changes. We live in a consumption society, where our food choices are influenced by the media, friends and family, and our workplace. In fact, it is the profit-driven mentality of the majority of food companies that have put us in this vortex of unhealthy habits. The era of artificial colours and preservatives, transfat, refined sugar and fizzy drinks is what caused the obesity pandemic and with a growing list of chemicals that strip out all vital nutrients we seemed to be left with 'plastic' food that does nothing but saving us money at the expense of our health. I strongly believe that today's food companies need to take a step back and ask themselves: Is it worth marketing something that can later damage consumers' health? Don't we all as marketers want customers for life? How can we win their loyalty if the relationship is based on impulsive buying and feelings of guilt?

Through the power of marketing, the unhealthy habits have emerged and it is this same power that can rescue us from the obesity pandemic.

Marketing is now owned by consumers and it is time for brands to listen to customers and put their well-being at heart. A brand exists thanks to people and there is nothing more precious than the loyalty of these people. We now live in the 'Digital Social Age of Engage' with opportunities for brands to connect with consumers and tailor products to their needs. As a marketer, I am very excited about the potential of digital media to helps us better understand consumer behaviour and create brands that 'live' with customers.

With the help of FoodRevolution I believe we are getting closer to realising my vision about marketing and healthy living. This is a great initiative and more people should get involved.

Please spread the word and connect with me to become even stronger against the obesity evil power.


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