Valerie Earles
Valerie Earles 11 pledges

I have become out raged that our nation is the only country that continues to fight to keep monsanto and it's poisonous GMO Foods here in the UNITED STATES. I am appalled at the actions of our government officials , and the FDA. Knowingly and without concern back a campaign to destroy it's own people and wipeout thousands of miles of farmland that won't recover for many, many years. If ever! Without properly testing of these GMO Foods, The government has took it upon themselves to decide for the American people what we will eat and how it will be grown. Against all advice given to them by geneticist, biologist, geologist and ecologists. I have to ask myself " what is the hidden agenda" behind this evil there must be some ultimate plan. Please open your eyes before it's to late and help save our basic fundamental rights. We should not be stripped of our choice to raise our own food, or be told what we can grow and how to grow it. Or told that the seeds that we use are patented by a organization that will sell them to you and then sue you if you try to use seeds from what you've harvested from your garden, and sew them again the following year.


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