Update #10 ·

Update on September 27, 2013

Hello very patient and wonderful people. I have not given up the fight. I have called France, North Carolina, Florida, Mexico, Washington D.C. all to no avail. I have written countless letters, sent emails, telegrams you name it I have done it. I am wondering why no one in any of these Governments, Fish and Game, Wildlife Conservation, Department of Interior could care less and will not help? I am so frustrated but I am NO WHERE near giving up. I am appealing to anyone who has signed this petition if they know anyone that I can get this to that could actually care enough to help make a difference? As I promised from the start I will NOT give up and I will continue this fight.  I know this is still going on I was TOLD by the Coast Guard in North Carolina that is IS still going on. However, it takes place in International Waters so WHO can help with that? Everyone is so quick to give me another name and number to contact they would rather pass it off to another person than help. That is so sad and discouraging. I have been passed off 112 times since I started this fight. Yes I have personally spoken to 142 people so far. I have no idea how many letters, emails and telegrams I have sent.  I need help and if anyone can think of a way to get this to the RIGHT department/government/caring empathetic person, who can help make a difference or at least get this started, I would be eternally grateful.  Thank you for your time, concern and patience.



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