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3 mouseclicks to help 3000 children experience healthy, garden-grown food

Our campaign to win one of the top prizes in the Better Neighbor Fund's online contest is on the march! 

With your help, we've moved our entry into the top three slots which is where we need to be to win a $5000 grant.  Unfortunately, we can't rest on our laurels as the other entries are also on the move.  If you have a few minutes and mouseclicks left in you today, can I ask you vote for us (again) here: http://tcfcu.meltwaterrise.com/entry/604557 ?

The contest is fully integrated with facebook so it's easy and click to vote and you can vote once a day right up to the October 31st deadline.  

To refresh your memory, we intend to use the grant, if awarded, to support our Sow It Forward garden grants program which offers grants of seeds, supplies and cash to schools to help them start or sustain food garden projects. $5000 would help us reach and teach 3000 children.

Thanks so much for your support. Together, we can win this for the garden cause!

Roger Doiron

Kitchen Gardeners International

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