Update #18 ·

Update on June 12, 2013

Away she goes!

To everyone who signed, to everyone who helped, a huge thank you.

Today the petition was submitted to Jim Murphy MP in good faith to follow through will our democratic right to oppose the choice of the government to host a funeral to the sum of millions when the country is suffering.

Sadly, there was no budget for it to be printed, but this should not be a problem when we live in an age where email has replaced the letter.

To everyone, I say thank you.

This will be the last update from this campaign unless this is taken further or more actions are required.

There are more causes out there, and I invited you to join me in supporting them to ensure our rights as human beings are respected. 

You can catch me on [email protected] https://www.facebook.com/TheYoungPoliticalRadical

It's been a pleasure,


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