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Update on January 18, 2013

Dear Family, Friends, and Strangers that shall receive this message, I am writing to you to beg of you to take a few moments to sign my petition. I know you get tons of these all of the time, but if you would bear with me for the next few minutes, I think you will understand why mine is so important, not only to me, but to you as well. And I would like to thank my daughter Josephine for being the brave girl she is for deciding she is going to speak out against what happened to her. It is with her permission, and on her behalf, I implore you to read, sign, and forward not only this petition, but my letter to everyone on your friends list.. On December 16th, 2005 my daughter was violently sexually assaulted. First vaginally, then she was forced on her hands and knees and she was sodomized. Again, she was ten. When I was told about it, I had her brought to me immediately, I rushed her to the emergency room, where she was then transported to a pediatric rape center where they performed a rape kit. What followed was pure hell. We went to trial, and the perpetrator pled guilty, and was sentenced to five years probation, mandatory sex offender counseling and ten years registry on the sex offender registry. I can not tell you the perpetrators name because he was a juvenile at the time of the assault, so his identity is protected. Now he is an adult, and because he has not re-offended, he has petitioned the courts to have his record expunged. Let me explain to you what that means not only for me, but for you as well. If this predator gets his record expunged, he will no longer have to register where he lives with the police. If his record is expunged, he can live within any radius of a school or day care center, which currently, he is forbidden to do. If his record is expunged. all restrictions from living within any proximity to me or my family disappears, it's as if, he never hurt my daughter. He can live in the dorms on campus at college and he does not have to notify the college he attends that he is a sexual predator, which currently, he is required to do. He can join the military, which, he currently, can not do. Do you want your daughter in a dorm with a convicted rapist? Do you want your children walking to school past the house of a pedaphile? Do you want your kids going to class and partying with a kid who has a history of sexual assault with out the school having that information so that they know to watch him? And why? His conviction is currently limiting his choices for college out of state and living on campus so he wants his record expunged. The person who forced a little ten year old girl on her hands and knees while he sodomized her wants the freedom to attend the college of his choice, and to live where he chooses, so he wants that little blip from his past to go away. I am asking you to join me in telling the justice system in saying "NO MORE!" No longer will we let our innocent children suffer at the hands of sick individuals who think that they can commit as heinous a crime as that and then make it just go away because it serves their purpose. My daughter has has to be institutionalized for suicidal tendencies. She has self mutilated. She battles depression, and anxiety attacks. She has night terrors to this day over her attack. She is terrified of men. She doesn't know if she can ever have a healthy relationship because of what she went through and how afraid she is of what a boy can do to her. Please help me prevent this person from getting away with murdering a childhood. Please sign my petition, and send it to as many of your friends as you can, and ask them to send it to their friends. Lets be the raindrop that causes that ripple in the ocean, that reaches out to all the corners of the earth, for every victim of violence against women. Together we are strong.

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