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The FIGHT CONTINUES...we will not rest until they abrogate the article which allows the SLAUGHTER and all thugs who make money from abusing, torturing and killing dogs will be PUNISHED.

Dear Friends
As many of you know already the article introduced in the new law 258/2003, allowing the SLAUGHTER of all dogs who spent 14 days in a shelter has ignated the entire EU. There are protests in front of Romanian Embassies and Consulates in Italy, Germany, France, UK, Holland, Sweded...and also many many protests in Romania, especially in Bucharest.
The fight continues and now international organization from Europe have decided to report all these atrocities to the EU Parliament in a more vehement way, and to ask for , not only astrong message and warning to Romania but also to punish Romanian Europarliamentarian who have disgraced not only their country but the Intergroup For Animals in the EU.
I kindly ask you to, PLEASE signs the petition listed bellow and share them with all your friends.
Also it is of paramount importance that the foreign media reports about the horrible reality not only the "edited" information sent by officials from Romania.
Please sign OFA's petition started today, 4th of October, 2013. It is addressed to the Intergroup, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and it aims to have Madame Daciana Sarbu, one of the Vice President's of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals and wife of Romania's Prime Minister Victor Ponta, removed from her position.
European Institutions: Where is the elusive face of accountability and response within the spider's web of European bureaucracy?

ALL conditions of engagement under the 'subsidiarity' principle are hereby met! A mandate is set! The European Union MUST - according to its own constitution - intervene in Romania!
1) "EU, when do you think it is time to act?"


2) "EU: take action regarding Romania, a European country challenging Europe"



For more indepth information about the "Stray dogs MEGA Business " in Romania, the torture, abuse and killings ( mass poisonings, mass shootings, and of course the primitive employees from the dog catching services and their crimes behind the closed dorrs of their vans and the SLAUGHTER in the public shelters, ordered by mayors who want to apply from that law,ONLY that 1/2 of the article which allows them to kill dogs ) Please vitise this site

THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH....Please sign and share

Campaign closed

PLEASE READ, SIGN the petition and SHARE....Thank you...Thank you OFA !!!!!!!!!!! YOU give so much hope to the voiceless and all good people, everywhere.https://www.change.org/petitions/constitutional-court-of-romania-please-reject-the-pl912-modification-proposal-of-the-lower-house I invite you all to join this magnificent voice for animals on Facebook : Occupy for Animals... …

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Tuesday, Sept.10, 2013 : Romania has opened the gates of HELL for the stray dogs...the LEGAL EXTERMINATION has begun. Please read all the information about all the events which led to this BARBARIC decision and take note about the Mass Media manipulation and hysteria which turned half of the population, over night against these poor animals. If you wish, send it too.I will provide emails at the…

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Dear friends, This is an emergcency and a horrible situationDue to a tragic incident in Bucharest ) where a 4 years old child died because of the wounds inflicetd by some dogs ( who were living on a partially deserted construction site, beloging to a developper SR LAGUNA TEI ) because both the victim and his 6 years old brother have been left UNSUPERVISED for more than 20 minutes by their…

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