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Update on November 22, 2012

On Thanksgiving, a letter of thanks from the OBFD: In the few short weeks since Superstorm Sandy devastated Fire Island, the tireless and selfless efforts of the men and women of the Ocean Beach Fire Department continue to amaze and inspire. The recovery effort has been significant, and the progress remarkable. With that said, the impact of the storm damage and destruction has yet to be fully comprehended. In the future weeks and months, we will truly understand what the change to the infrastructure of Fire Island has been, and what the challenge of firefighting and rescuing in a post-Sandy environment will be. At this time, on behalf of the Chiefs of the OBFD, I wish to wholeheartedly thank our volunteer members and our supporters, who continue to demonstrate the love and commitment to Fire Island that we all feel. Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! Ian Levine, OBFD Assistant Chief

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