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Update on November 15, 2012

Dear Fire Island Friends and Neighbors: Thank you for your overwhelming support in the protecting and rebuilding of Fire Island in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. In less than a week, we have raised over $11,000 for the Ocean Beach Volunteer Fire Department! Amazing. This campaign was proof that social media makes things happen! Please SIGN THIS PETITION and help convince officials to cut through the red tape and give us the help we need to rebuild the beach and dunes now—before winter storms put the island in further danger. It is EASY! Please sign, share, post and like this petition: http://www.causes.com/causes/800982-fire-island-hurricane-sandy-relief-efforts/actions/1704577 We will be using this petition to reach out to our NY elected officials on Facebook, Twitter and Email. They will listen. Thank you for your continued support! Lauren Eckstein Forman (2nd generation resident of Summer Club) Brendan Smith (3rd generation Fire Islander and owner of FireIsland.com)

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