Update #1 ·

Update on October 27, 2012

Friends and caregivers of animals: thank you for taking the pledge! I'm enjoying your comments and private messages, so keep them coming! Remember, please, if you live alone or have limited/no family members, you can tape written instruction on the inside of your front door. Should you have an emergent situation at home, authorities will be able to view your handwritten instructions and call friends, local rescue, family, etc.....Tell them in your personal request, "NO AC&C WHATSOEVER", as this will prevent your pet from entering into "the system", so to speak. Also, keep a document the size of your credit card, driving license, etc....in your wallet, should you be away from home if something occurs, authorities will know that you have voiceless family members who are depending on you for basic necessities. Keep pictures with names, weight and age of each pet, breed and health/medications list as well.

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