Update #2 ·

Update on June 25, 2012

Please help me and tell You Tube to remove these many disgusting and filthy comedic videos from their web site. They clearly are not done out of humor, but out of clear hate for anyone who believes faithfully in JESUS and in religion itself! It goes beyond disrespect toward people who Love the Lord JESUS! There is one video that is particularly hateful to people of Catholic Faith! However, there are several videos by the same comedian, and I use that word very loosely. His words are all filled with hate and for Our Lord JESUS CHRIST. They are all extremely offensive. He even calls Jesus a thief and a liar! It seems to me that Christians’ and Catholics' have very little rights any longer in the USA or anywhere for that matter. I want justice for the Lord! Jesus is and always will be the one true God-Man who freely gave up his life for all Mankind. I believe that everyone of faith needs to try to do at least some little works of mercy. And in unity we can at the very least know that we tried to correct and protect the offenses done to our Lord Jesus as we may find them throughout our lives. I cannot change the world and either can any one individual, but we can do what little is brought to our attention. Help heal the Lord Jesus’ Heart because it is his, and it is already much too offend already The Lord suffers from many people who are ignorant and reject his love. Which unfortunately is most of the world and much of it is done in our country the USA. There is no anti-defamation league that protects his Holy Name. So we need to honor him and love him enough to help teach truth. We need to step up and do the small acts that will help teach the world truth. There are people who care enough to try to help erase blasphemies that are done against the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord's name is HOLY and it is in our Ten Commandments to keep his name Holy and to Honor God! If you can spare a few minutes of your time to please help me to at least try and get this message out. There are many people who will still not tolerant these types of attacks on our faith. This would be terrible for a child to stumble upon if they were to. At the very least give this an X rating for its content and its gross and explicit language. Show some respect to people of Christian Faith who are consumers too and want the appropriate respect shown to us as is given to the faithless!

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