I have adopted 2of my lil pitties from Miami bade kill shelter..they love me so much its like they know I saved them..If we want to do away with the death penalty for humans committing sickening crimes..then an innocent animal lives should also be spared..we pay millions of dollars a yr. amonth a day..to feed clothe medical care for the criminals in jail..you mean to tell me we can't do it for our innocent n loving gods creatures.most of the dogs that have been abused in fighting or starved or abandoned is the cause of us humans..make humans responsible not the animal..the world we live in ..in this day of time..Is Disturbing.. I wish I had millions cause I would buy acres n acres n acres of land wilderness streams n lakes.n house all the innocent abandoned animals on earth..my best friend is my dogs..not a human..my dogs show me unconditional love;loyalty;respect..they make me laugh they make me cry..my heart n love is for all living creatures.. amen n love.rusty trautman

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