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Three Children Lost Their Lives to Pit Bulls Last Week

Last week three young children were mauled to death by pit bulls. All three scenarios involved the child visiting the home of the pit bull owner when it attacked. Though information about the most recent pit bull fatality is still incomplete, it also appears that all three scenarios involved pit bulls owned by the child's babysitter.

Thus far in 2013, 23 American lives have been taken by dogs. Pit bulls and their mixes are responsible for 83% of these deaths. 43% of all fatal dog maulings in 2013 involve the victim visiting or temporarily living with the attacking dog's owner.

Please spread the message that it is not safe to allow a child to be under the care of an individual (babysitter, friend or relative) that has one or more pit bulls in their household.

Victims since I have last written:

8/30/13: Juan Campos, 96, Katy, Texas

9/15/13: Jordan Reed, 5, Kotzebue, Alaska

9/22/13: Daniel "Doe", 2, Gilbert, Arizona

9/23/13: Samuel Zamudio, 2, Colton, California

9/27/13: Jordan Ryan, 5, Baker City, Oregon

Thank you for being part of this pledge campaign.

Colleen Lynn

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