Sharon King
Sharon King campaign leader

I am truly against Triple F Farms because they don't care about the animals they have in their care. When you have 6,000 ferrets to oversee you should have a vet on staff. They don't. When the animals are sick or are in pain you should call a vet. They don't.When they are hungry they should be fed. They are not always fed.They have very sensitive feet that should not be standing on a wire cage floor. But they are. These people are all about the $$$$$ and they need to be stopped. I love ferrets very much and all they want out of life is to please their humans and to play and be Happy. They are not happy. they are suffering every day of their little lives. There is no need for this. they should not have to suffer for the almighty $$$. they should be free to play and play to live. I have been rescuing ferrets for ten years now and some of what I have seen I won't even tell you about.It is heart breaking. Please help save these little souls. go to https:/
These babies need our help, they cannot speak up for themselves, so they need us to speak up for them. Poor little babies dying on the dirty floor under the cages where they were born while the Mother's watch the young die from starvation. The workers were told not to pick them up to just eave them there. What kind of people are running this facility, what kind of people work at these kinds of jobs. How do they sleep at night knowing they left sick and injured ferrets in their cages to die. They cannot have a conscience or even a soul to let this keep happening. Please sign the petition to help end their suffering. Just click on the words Stop Triple F Farms Ferret Mill and you can see how they have to live


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