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In the same vein as David Mancuso and the legendary Loft, Larry Levan singlehandedly shaped the worlds of dance music, nightlife and audio as we experience them today. The Paradise Garage was the premier nightclub of the world in its day, and set the standard for nightclubs and nightclubbing to which the world's greatest clubs have aspired ever since. There are no simple words that explain to the uninitiated the full import of this statement. Those, like me, who were blessed with even one night in Paradise (let alone the veritable lifetimes our tribe lived through there with Larry), understand why words are so inadequate. I suggest turning off ALL the lights, turning up ALL the sound, and playing the analogue quadrophonic stereo version of "Love Is The Message." Allow yourself to live the record--to SEE it and FEEL it--and, in your mind, fill the space around you with the spiritual energies of 1,000 of you disguised as male, female, in-between, in every shade of brown (including no shade), in every state of dress and mind, dancing to the same rhythm as if God/dess Herself were the Host/ess of the party. That might give you a tiny sliver of the joy and wonder that was dancing in Paradise, and thus explain why the renaming of this street is LONG, LONG OVERDUE. Ashé to all and in all ways. Modupe, Larry ibaye-o!


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