Harold Worthington
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MY Partner and I have been together for 43 Years. We have worked all Our lives and paid taxes just like any One else. We've bought and Sold Houses, made money and lost some. It's just not fare that some States Gay Marriage can be legal and some can't. We both served Our Country. I thought the Religion was suppose to be separated from Church and States. But all I hear are People quoting the Bible. The Elected People should not use Their Religious believes to discriminate others who do not believe as They think They should. We all are supposed to be created equal. How would You like it if Your Partner were sick in the Hosp and They told You, You couldn't be with Her or Him because You were not Family? After spending Your lives together for years and living as a Couple how dare Them to restrict s from visiting Our Partners. Just remember a few Years ago Blacks and Whites could not marry, Blacks could not Vote. People fought long and hard trying to suppress the Blacks, but They fought a long battle and won. So all Christians out there who believe Your God is not Our God has another think coming. He created all of Us whether You like it or not. Thanks God I know who I am, do You?


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