National Trust for Historic Preservation

Eight Reasons to Save the "Eighth Wonder of the World"

1. The Astrodome was the first domed stadium. In the world. Ever.

2. We'd rather pack the Dome with people than pack a landfill with the Dome.

3. The Astrodome was a testament to Houston’s cutting-edge spirit in 1965. Reinventing the Dome will keep that spirit alive in the 21st century.

4. We say everything is bigger in Texas. The New Dome Experience will create the largest special event space in the world.

5. The Dome has fans everywhere. Just ask the New York Times: “The most important, distinctive, and influential stadium ever built in the United States.”

6. Does Houston really need another parking lot?

7. The Dome will bring all generations of Houstonians together under one iconic roof.

8. The Houston Chronicle: "If Houston saves the Dome, we can astound the world yet again with the most ambitious preservation project of our time."



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