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Stop these MONSTERS

Help get justice for baby Netto!!

Yes, I do so often get a bit carried away when I see injustices, I cry when I see beauty or when I am happy, but I WEEP from my heart when I see the cruel abuse that some monsters inflict on others. None more than what these monsters inflicted on their own little baby girl of ten months. To rape sodomize and kill your own baby girl, what kind of monster must you be. The pain this poor little defenceless baby girl must have endured is unimaginable.

What is more unimaginable is that the South African Justice society think that giving them a 18 year sentence each is enough justice for that which they did, and then they have a lawyer who is defending them and wants to appeal for a more lenient sentence. Who was there to defend this baby girl????

PLEASE HELP US DEFEND HER NOW!! And others like her by stopping these monsters from getting a more lenient sentence, but getting life without parole!!

Sign the petition we have created let’s get 1 million signatures.

We stand for and advocate MUSIC LIFE HOPE but there was no life nor hope for this little one.

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