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This petition will serve as notice to Speaker Boehner that the American people will not accept threats of a government shutdown or a default on the national debt as a means to advance ideological policies that have no chance of being adopted under the normal legislative processes intended by our Constitution.

House Speaker John Boehner: End the Federal Government Shutdown Now!

The American people refuse to stand idly by while a small faction of House Tea Party ideologues callously wrests control of the entire federal government and prevents it from functioning. Speaker Boehner, you are uniquely positioned to end the federal government shutdown by allowing a vote on a Clean Continuing Resolution that would fund the federal government for six weeks at the sequestration levels it operated under prior to the shutdown. This would allow time for both parties to work out their differences on fiscal policy and other matters without the threat of massive economic harm or undue financial hardship placed on hundreds of thousands of dedicated federal employees and their families.

The decision to put an immediate end to the shutdown rests entirely in your hands. There are enough votes in the House of Representatives to pass a Clean Continuing Resolution that will end the current uncertainty and financial hardship as well as prevent further damage to our economy. Several Members of your own House Republican Caucus have come forward to publicly express their disapproval of the government shutdown and their desire to vote on a Clean Continuing Resolution immediately. It has become increasingly clear that there are more than enough votes to pass this measure, and that the only thing stopping its passage is you.

The course of action currently being pursued by the Tea Party faction, and supported by your leadership, threatens to permanently destroy our nation's democratic and legislative processes as envisioned by our Constitution. The prospect of achieving what your party could not achieve at the ballot box and through the normal legislative process is no victory for America. Rather, it would unleash a Pandora's box of perpetual uncertainty with respect to our nation's duly enacted laws, allowing them to be arbitrarily challenged by small minority groups during any time in which the operation of our federal government or our national debt obligations are at stake. Undemocratic and coercive threats to past and future legislative accomplishments must not be allowed to undermine the will of the American people as expressed through the electoral process.

When you were elected to and accepted your position as Speaker of the House of Representatives, you undertook a duty to conduct House affairs not in accordance with the interests of your party, but in accordance with the interests of the people of this nation. Partisan caucuses elect their own leaders; as Speaker, your role and responsibilities are above and beyond that. Keeping the federal government funded and operational is the most fundamental of the responsibilities of Congress. We urge you to carry out that responsibility and end this shutdown by allowing a vote on a Clean Continuing Resolution.

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