Frances Wellington

This is our back yard garden that we created ourselves from recycled items. It gives us so much pleasure to get into the earth and grow our own food. At present we are harvesting silverbeet, as well as herbs. Herbs are wonderful for resilence and longevity. "Food in progress" at present is corn (growing very fast!), egg cucumbers (cute!), snow peas lovit crunch!), more silverbeet ("iron" for muscles!), passionfruit (so easy to grow!), strawberries (with real straw!), carrots, tomatoes and bananas. We will be planting the next phase of seedlings this Sunday. Scraps from the kitchen become mulch. I am hoping to get some chickens (or maybe a duck) before Christmas. There's always room for something more, something to do, something to see, smell, touch, water, weed (to create room to grow). Loved plants grow and produce wonderful foods to share.



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