John Minton
John Minton campaign leader

We the People of the United States have had enough with the Republican extortion and terrorist tactics to running government. The GOP has repeatedly, without guilt or remorse, attacked various minority groups (including women, the LGBT community, elderly, children, veterans, and various ethnic groups) and the American people in general. Their crimes against the people of this country and the country itself is too numerous to list. Their recent shutdown of the government, placing hundreds of thousands more people into indeterminate unemployment, all to stop the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act, that is already law & helping many Americans who could not get health insurance, are now getting the coverage they so desperately needed, is the last straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. The House Republicans have managed to do in a single day what Al Queda has failed to do over the past decade; to shutdown our government. Their actions is nothing short of treasonous and purely un-American. We the People have had enough of the Republicans holding this country, and it's people, hostage at every turn. We demand a special election where we can vote all House Republicans out of office once and for all and replace them with new Representatives who will listen to the people and do the work of the people who elect them to office. We want nothing more to break free of the tyranny that is the GOP, move this country forward, and rediscover that long lost notion of the American Dream!

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