Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn
Brandon Costelloe-Kuehn campaign leader

Creating a Life that Counts will take place at the historic Hancock Shaker Village, near Pittsfield, Massachusetts, from dinner on Tuesday, October 29th to lunch on Sunday, November 3rd.

The program will provide an experiential learning environment that encourages emerging adults to clarify their life's purpose, to learn to set practical goals, to master a proven decision making model that has been taught to thousands of business executives and to overcome the inner obstacles such as fear, doubt, and self-judgment that can sabotage the best laid plans.

During our week long experience students will:
> gather together in a community of thoughtful men and women
> work on the land and learn tangible skills
> discover personal strengths and how to put them into action
> take a series of assessments for better self-understaning
> learn to prepare delicious meals of healthy food
> learn the critical skills necessary to sustain long term relationships
> strengthen capacity to reach the most important goals

This will all be offered in a unique and beautiful setting, with time to socialize with others who share a passion to create a life that counts. The facilities and the location are a perfect venue for exploring one’s life purpose and developing practical skills.

Students will consider the following questions:
> What do I love doing?
> What am I good at?
> What does the world need?
> What gets in my way?
> Where are my blind spots?
> How do I learn best?

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