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I am writing from Wisconsin. A few days ago this story was on face book under " i care about animals". Please look back to find this well written article.
It was quite a lot of information to swallow and then there were phone numbers and names of people to call in reguards to all of Katherine's doings per this article written. Julie Lyle (warden) secretary was updated on this article and said this was all being looked into. Bones, Sasha and yet another dog Bear were mentioned. Starved, neglicted, beaten, shot,buried in the yard. Please look for Bear, possibly others also. Why did this happen?? I don't understand people ............. Justice please. We are the voices of these animals. Thank you for listening.............

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OMG. where do i start? I am heartbroken and truly saddened about the discovery of Bones the NYC dog and Sasha the Malamute's bodies being found buried in the old Toledo home base of NWO Underdog Rescue. There are apparently other animals buried there. Who killed and buried these poor dogs? WHY were they killed? Autopsies showed that : BONES was found to have died from malnutrition. Sasha…

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