Update #2 ·

Let dogs be dogs - minimal wolfplay is neither aggression nor violence.

Please don't mistake normal dog wrestling with aggression when constructing guidelines, assessing complaints of alleged canine misconduct when no injury occurs. We recognize that many dogs love to wrestle with other dogs and this play is consistent with building confidencend overcoming shyness. A relaxation of rigid inhibitions of indor living is essential; a pent up animal presents greater behavioural risk than one who is allowed to romp and tussle.Minor nip accidents should never be ovedramaized nor should brief holdsin which the skin is not broken and there is not unduepressure. Minimal protection involves a controled, moderate capacity to use canine assets forcefully. In pet dogs and service animals nonviolent protection can include controlled appropriate levels of barking, growling, nip, hold and minimal bite if rigorously shaped by conscientious trainers. Tug, ball and frisby play activate minimal prey drive which is normal and cannot be a source of stigmatizing a well mannered canine citizen.Let pet and working dogs be dogs!


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