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We won't let up on Russia!

Hi Everyone,

Thanks again for signing my petition a few weeks ago asking the CEO of Coca-Cola to withdraw it's sponsorship from the Olympics. Over 4,000 people have taken the action, and we've got to keep the pressure up to challenge Russia's heinous, discriminatory law.

I wanted to tell you about another petition related to LGBT rights and the Sochi Olympics.  The Human Rights Campaign, HRC, launched a petition last week on Causes demanding that the International Olympic Committee take action to protect the honor of the Olympic charter, which prohibits discrimination of any kind. 

Last week, the president of the IOC completely failed LGBT people worldwide when he backed down and said it the IOC "satisfied" that Russia's anti-LGBT propaganda law doesn't violate the Olympic charter. That is unacceptable, and we must speak out.

Please join me in also signing the HRC petition to the International Olympic Committee. We've got to keep the pressure up on Russia, and the Olympics may just be our best chance. So let's keep at it!

Thanks, Hillary

P.S. Want to do more than just sign? Start a "Personal Campaign" to get your own individual campaign page where you can invite your family and friends to take action with you! The red arrow in the image below points to where you can start your own campaign in support of HRC's petition on Causes.

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