Malaria No More | Ending Malaria Deaths

Last year, Khoul, age 10, was sick with a high fever. Her dad, Nelson, was worried and took her to the doctor, where she tested positive to having malaria. Thankfully, the clinic was able to prescribe the life-saving treatment she needed, so that now, Khoul’s main concerns are excelling in school (where her dad also teaches) and keeping her baby brother Moses from driving her crazy.
You have the power to save a child just like Khoul. Malaria kills an innocent child every minute, but your support can stop the clock before this disease strikes another child.
Malaria No More is close to reaching its goal of saving the lives of 2,000 children that are just like Khoul. In order to achieve this, we need to raise $1,600 more dollars from our engaged and generous supporters: YOU.
So, how can you help kids like Khoul live long, happy and productive lives? That’s simple! For every dollar you give, a life-saving test and malaria treatment will go to a child in Zambia..
Don’t wait. Save lives now – one dollar and one child at a time.

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