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The mistreatment, torture, neglect, harassment of any animal under the color of authority, especially when already traumatized and disorientated is intolerable in a "civilized" society. When one of these creatures are on death row, the degrading and inhumane actions or inactions of animal control officers and/or staff should not be tolerated. Denial of medical treatment is equivalent to starvation and dehydration and as such should be considered a vicious criminal action and treated accordingly as a felony. If a tree has "rights' then most certainly a dog has rights, and if intentional suffering is inflicted then an appropriate financial and physical (incarceration) penalty must, by the laws of nature, be meted out on the offending party and any who support or condone the illegal action. Note: Illegal does not mean bend the laws, but what would be considered reasonable and prudent by competent citizens.
I am very concerned that this downward moral conscientious reflected in todays society will lead to more crime and ultimately more wars between groups and nations. Laws are standards and so must be enforced for civilization to survive.


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