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Children Abandoned Every Week: Take Action For Them!

On average one child per week is advertised on the Internet by struggling adoptive parents privately offering them to strangers, according to a recent Reuters report. Absent any vetting or background check process, the children are at serious risk of exploitation, trafficking and abuse. Will you take action for these children? 

One quick action per week until Adoption Month in November will build the momentum to compel Congress and the Administration to investigate and stop the appalling practice of “re-homing” child exchange.   

Complete these actions in any order and in any time frame. In Adoption Month in November, we will deliver the petition to President Obama, Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Boehner. At that time we hope to have tens of thousands calling for immediate action to protect children and help families.   

WEEK 1: Start with your signature, then follow through with the auto-prompt to share the petition with your friends. Use the Cause generated message, personalize your call to action, or paste in this message:   “Children are being abandoned to abuse and exploitation, but we can do something about it. Just your signature will make a difference.”

WEEK 2: Email your colleagues, friends and family. Write a personal appeal or copy and paste this one: I'd like your help to Stop "Re-homing."

“Re-homing” is a phenomenon in which families who may be struggling with their adopted children are privately giving them away to strangers who are not approved to be adoptive families.  These unethical, and often illegal transfers are being conducted by unlicensed third party brokers through the Internet.  Many of the sites are being targeted by abusers, traffickers and others and kids are ending up in horrible situations. 

Enough support will compel our national policymakers to end child trading through "re-homing" by acting immediately to hold oversight hearings, initiate a comprehensive GAO investigation, convene senior Administrative leadership to examine and coordinate state policy, and pass legislation to strengthen policies and practices that will prevent harm to adopted children. 

"Re-homing" leads to sexual, physical, & emotional child abuse. This heinous practice must be investigated and stopped. Join me by signing the petition: http://bit.ly/StopRe-homing

WEEK 3: Update your Facebook status with a Call to Action. Explain why you care and that others can help by signing the petition, or use this message to appeal for support:   ACTION ALERT: Add your voice to CWLA's petition calling on Congress and the Administration to investigate and stop "re-homing."

All children deserve to be safe, parents cannot abdicate this responsibility, and we as a community must make sure families have needed resources. Regardless of the circumstances, children cannot be abandoned to chance exploitation, abuse and neglect. The Administration and Congress must develop and enact recommendations to end private custody transfers of adopted children. http://bit.ly/StopRe-homing

WEEK 4: Tweet a Call to Action using one of these messages or your own. Miss a week or want to do more? Tweet them all!   

Tell federal policymakers to investigate and end “re-homing” #childexchange http://bit.ly/StopRe-homing pls RT!

“Re-homing” is tragically too often a version of trafficking http://bit.ly/StopRe-homing #childexchange pls RT!

Children are not commodities, pets or toys to be "re-homed." Take action http://bit.ly/StopRe-homing & pls RT! #childexchange

Add your voice to Stop “Re-homing.” http://bit.ly/StopRe-homing #childexchange pls RT!

Signatures are cheap. Children are priceless. http://bit.ly/StopRe-homing #childexchange pls RT!

“Re-homing” is a broken promise at the least & child trafficking at the worst. Help stop it. http://bit.ly/StopRe-homing #childexchange

WEEK 5: Donate to CWLA and designate your contribution to our efforts to Stop “Re-homing.” http://www.cwla.org/donate/donate.htm

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