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01 October Meerkat Magic Moments Wild and Free meerkat e-card has been added and our campaign update news

A happy October greeting to all our Conservation Friendly Cause members!

Welcome to our newest cause members and Wildlife Protectors - we now have 1650 Conservation Friendly members in our cause.

We also have 274 pledges so far to help spread an awareness about Meerkat Conservation - please take the pledge to help the cause at the big green button link on the cause page thank you.

Thank you also to those who have cast their votes on the ongoing Conservation Through Education vote about meerkats as pets, if you have not yet seen this vote please do add your vote thank you for your time.

**** Please cast your vote to help spread awareness about the meerkat / meerkats / suricate / suricates pet trade at this anonymous voting link: press here.

01 October 2013 ** LOOK HERE FOR THIS MONTHS NEWLY ADDED MEERKAT MAGIC MOMENTS IMAGE ** A babysitting meerkat holds a baby meerkat pup and they fall asleep while the rest of the meerkats search for food away from the burrow.

Wild and Free MEERKAT MAGIC MOMENTS e-card image album with images taken from 1993 and ongoing of Wild and Free meerkats!
Press here to view the NEWLY ADDED meerkat / meerkats / suricate / suricates images and send them as cards to any email.

Very best wishes for October 2013 to all our International Meerkat Friendly Supporters from


Grant M. Mc Ilrath
A.K.A - The Meerkat Man
The Meerkat Magic Conservation Project
The Meerkat Magic Valley Reserve

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